Custom Connections, Storage
and Accessories

Keep boarding and accessibility safe with a number of custom designed and manufactured handrails, boarding steps and custom yacht connection points.


Connecting the platforms to the yacht can be clumsy. These connections create a clean, tidy and safe set up.

Bags and storage

With fewer trailing lines, optimum safety is in the bag.
All docks are delivered with easy wrap lifting bags to make light work of setup. 

Stylish storage boxes for elegant, practical on-deck storage. Save time in having the inflatable stored on deck, ready to be deployed and enjoyed by guests in minutes.

Dynamic links

Dynamic links are the kindest, most versatile and safest way to connect inflatable docks and pools to your yacht. They can be used to join inflatables together or to tie jet skis and tenders to the set up.  The links stretch from 400mm to over a meter taking away much of the shock loading caused by waves and passing traffic. This aids to increase the life of the inflatable.

Dyneema soft shackles on the ends of the dynamic links are a quick, strong and simple way of connecting these to the docks or each other. There are no metal components to damage paintwork and they will float if accidentally dropped into the sea!

Having undertaken rigorous testing on yachts and in the factory the dynamic links have a minimum break load of 1700kg.

Manufactured under strict controls in the UK the links can be customised to any length required.